Contrat post-doctoral « Natural disasters and sustainable development », UCA

The International Research Centre of Disaster Science and Sustainable Development (IRC2D) invites applications for postdoctoral fellowships on independent research of the applicant’s choosing that will fit into the general theme “Natural disasters and sustainable development”. The CERDI can welcome these postdocs.

The International Research Centre of Disaster Science and Sustainable Development (IRC2D) is accepting applications for two-year postdoctoral fellowships. Research funded by the IRC2D focus the socioeconomic consequences of natural disasters in developing countries, and also on vulnerability and resilience. CERDI is one of the labs that can host these postdocs.

The CERDI is particularly involved in the IRC2D. The ICR2D funds several research projects led by the CERDI on the complex interactions between societies and natural disasters in developing countries. For instance, our researchers collaborated on a database on the economic impacts of historical volcanic eruptions with the LMV, the UCA’s Department of Volcanology. Another team works on climate modelling and the implications for agricultural insurance in West Africa with the LAMP, a department specialized in Physical meteorology. Others projects include the economic impacts of lahars from Misti volcano (Peru), the adaptation to the cyclonic risk in Vietnam,..

The ICR2D encourages collaborative and multidisciplinary research. The project of the candidate will contribute to understanding the complex interactions between hazards and societies, and/or to defining and measuring socioeconomic vulnerability. The research project will aim to explore the risk of hazard events in their human, social and economic dimensions and/or will define strategies to reduce the hazards and draft measures to reinforce the resilience capacities of the stakeholders. The project can also focus on the relationship between the research results and the political decision in a sustainable development context. The use of innovative data and/or Data science expertise is a plus for this position.
Without excluding other geographic fields, the selected candidate’s project might cover countries in the Global South where the IRC2D has substantial expertise and long-term partnerships.

Researchers interested in applying for this position should contact Catherine Araujo-Bonjean, Michaël Goujon, Sébastien Marchand or Pascale Phélinas in order to get support from CERDI in the preparation of their application.

  • 15/12/2023

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