On 28 January, the Constitutive General Assembly approved the statutes governing the functioning of the association. The statutes emphasize the objectives of the association: to promote research, training and other work involving scientific expertise in the field of development economics.

The association recognizes three types of members: full members; those individuals who have paid their yearly subscription fees, and who claim an interest in the field of development economics, without restrictions on nationality, place of residence or professional practice. Students, post-doctoral fellows, unemployed and researchers from the South benefit from preferntial fees, lower than the basic fee; benefactors; those individuals or organizations that paid a fee equivalent to at least four times the ordinary full membership fee; honorary members; individuals with a recognized contribution to the promotion, valorization and advancement of research and expertise in the field. Honorary members are appointed for an unlimited period of time by the General Assembly, by proposition from the Steering Committee.

The association is governed by its General Assembly and run by a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is composed of 14 members, elected by the General Assembly for four-year terms. A president, three vice-presidents, a secretary and a treasurer are elected from within the steering committee. Every two years, half of the Committee members are replaced, and roles are redistributed. The statutes also require that the committee ensure gender parity in its composition, and that it include at least one representative of AFEDEV members abroad, and at least one representative of young researchers (PhD students or researchers who defended their thesis less than 5 years ago).

The ordinary general assembly is held once a year under the chairmanship of the president of the association, assisted by the members of the Steering Committee. The Secretary General shall convene and inform all the members of the association of the agenda. Any member of the association may request the addition of an item to the agenda. At the constitutive AGM of the association, an interim board is elected. Its prerogatives are those of the steering committee: being in charge of the day-to-day management of the association and the organization of the first ordinary GA. Its term of office ends with the establishment of the first Executive Committee elected by the first Ordinary General Assembly in July, 2022.

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