Participation of AFEDEV to AFSE

Dear members, We are delighted to announce that AFEDEV will be present at the next annual conference of the French Association of Economic Science (AFSE) which will be held from June 14 to 16, 2023 in Paris.

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We are particularly pleased to have contributed to the selection of development economics papers submitted and to be associated with the following four presentation sessions.

Food security and risk management in developing countries

1)     More crops on the land, more food on the plate? Crop diversification, climate variability and food security in rural Madagascar – Jeanne de Montalembert, Marin Ferry

2)     The impact of large-scale land acquisitions on food security in Africa – Antoine Castet

3)     Limited Commitment, Social Control and Risk-Sharing Segmentation in Village Economies – Thomas Vendryes, Daniel Juan Hernandez, Hubert Kempf, Fabien Moizeau, Fernando Jaramillo

Economics of marriage in developing countries

1)     Height, parental investments and marriage payments in sub-Sahara Africa – Hugues Champeaux, Catherine Guirkinger

2)     The Effect of Cyclone Shocks on Child Marriage: Evidence from Developing Countries – Mamoudou Ba, Idriss Fontaine, Sabine Garabedian

3)     Female Early Marriage and Son Preference in Pakistan – Mazhar Mughal, Rashid Javed

Social norms and family decisions in developing countries

1)     Compulsory education, fertility and childlessness in Indonesia – Marine de Talancé

2)     Traditional norms and parental investment in human capital – Gunes Gokmen

3)     Does Hukou-related social distance affect intra-household bargaining? – Yang Yang

Health challenges in developing countries :

1)     Early-life drought shocks and long-term consequences: evidence from China – Eléonore Rouault

2)     Efficiency analysis of Advanced Medical Centers in Burkina Faso – Pauline Kergall, Marlène Guillon, Jacky Mathonnat

3)     Saving lives with cooking gas? Unintended effects of targeted LPG subsidies in Peru – Thomas Thivillon

We hope that these presentations will be an opportunity to discuss issues of interest to our association.

Yours sincerely,

The Board of Directors of AFEDEV

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