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ICDE 2023 – Best poster award

The International Conference on Development Economics (ICDE) was held from July 3 to 4, 2023 at the Paris School of Economics in Paris.

On Tuesday July 4, a poster session was held, where nine posters were presented and discussed. The quality of the posters and papers was widely acknowledged. The jury for the Best Poster Award, made up of some members of the AFEDEV board, finally agreed to award three posters.

Here are the winners of the ICDE 2023 Best Poster Award:


“Elections and Rural Road Construction: Theory and Evidence from India”


“Drug Cartels and Deforestation: Investigating the Impact of Heroin Demand Shocks on Mexico’s”


“Shaking up Foreign Finance: FDI in a Post-Disaster World”

The jury would like to highlight the quality of the posters and papers presented by these three prizewinners and warmly congratulate them on their contribution to the conference. 

You can find their poster on a dedicated page on the AFEDEV website (link).

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